Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Mighty Thor

So, I went to see Thor last night and rather enjoyed it.  They did a lot of things right.

Kirbyness - The look of the film was true to the comic of both past 
     and present.  They went with the costume from the latest wave of 
     comics drawn by Coipel.  But overall, it looked very Jack Kirby, 
     especially Asgard.  

Loki - Great job with Loki.  It would've been easy to make him as 
     Danny put it, "mustache twirlingly evil" but instead you almost feel 
     sorry for him. 

Hawkeye - I was quite pleased with the Hawkeye cameo.  He didn't 
     really do anything, but I do fucking love Hawkeye.  

•Heimdall - Despite what white supremacists say, I thought Idris Elba 
     made a pretty badass Heimdall, and he actually got to do 
     something too. In stark contrast to the Heimdall of the comics, who 
     usually just stood around at the bridge, had some threat to Asgard 
     kick his ass, and waited it out for Thor to get there.  Definitely the 
     best showing of an alumni of The Wire in a comic book movie.  
     That's right, Dominic West, I'm calling you out.  

•Avengers - They did a decent job of setting up for The Avengers    
     without beating you over the head with it like Iron Man 2 did.

Though overall I thought it was a pretty damn good movie, I did have a couple of issues with the film.  

Details - They changed some of the details of the origin story, but with most of my experience laying in the awesome Walt 
     Simonson and the unfortunate Thunderstrike eras of Thor, this didn't really bother me too much.

•Action - I was pretty pleased with most of the action, especially since I didn't really know what to expect from Branagh 
     going in, but the keyword is most.  Too often in the early action scenes where Thor and his companions are fighting the 
     frost giants, you really can't clearly tell what the hell is happening.  That shaky, handcam kind of action scene worked 
     thematically in Nolan's Batman movies, but everybody else needs to give that shit a rest.  Thanks for killing action for a 
     few years, Paul Greengrass.

If they do a Thor 2, I want Beta Ray Bill.  I just want to get that on public record right now.  Maybe they could get Sarah Jessica Parker to do all of the facial motion capture.

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